"Mo Nighean Donn"

Monica, italian.
Alexander Skarsgård ruined my life and nothing hurts.
Tv Shows i love & post: Outlander, Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, Vikings, Penny Dreadful & True Blood (only Eric related stuff)
Actors i love & post: Sam Heughan, Charlie Hunnam, Travis Fimmel, Josh Hartnett, Richard Armitage, J. Depp, Robert D.J & more...

 sassenach(s) lurking

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“Deep down I am boring family man who prefers spending his evening reading newspapers. But don’t print that, or I will lose my macho cred. ツ

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A Verra Special Message: "Thank you Outlander Fans" [x]

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Jamie Fraser | Ginger Never Looked So Good

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Craigh na Dun | Alternative Outlander Opening Theme [x]

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Alexander Skarsgård  | ph. Albert Watson for Men’s Journal,  2011.

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get to know :: sam heughan

Jamie & Claire: Kisses

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