"Mo Nighean Donn"

Monica, italian.
Alexander Skarsgård ruined my life and nothing hurts.
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 sassenach(s) lurking


Such a beautiful fivehead he has…

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Sam and his butt backstage before the Outlander panel [x]


Outlander New Stills | Episode #01 “Sassenach”

Well then, I guess you’re coming with me


Alex hanging out with Maria Kochetkova and friends in London (07/30/14).


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Sam + Cait’s first photoshoot

The “Really?” when sickly, exhausted Eric saw another rush of men coming after him was Alexander Skarsgard’s idea, according to writer/director Angela Robinson, and it was hilarious. [x]

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Outlander Exclusive Short Film [x]

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Colin and Sam being adorable idiots on TV Guide’s Fan Favorites Panel (x)

KiltHook …think will ship it!



Short video of the first episode of Supernatural Season 10!!