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This is for all of those people who don’t believe me that Eric and Pam were ever romantically involved. Here’s the proof. They had sex guys. Not that crazy to imagine. Have you seen them? Who wouldn’t have sex with them?

i thought the proof was in the books…where pam said they had sex all the time when she was first turned

Yeah it was in the books but it wasn’t romantic just sex and instincts. It wasn’t love Pam said to Sookie. 

In Season 2 DVD they also said Pam had a child while in Season 3 Eric told her it was time for her to be a maker instead. wtf?!

Okay. I’m the only one who doesn’t believe that between Eric and Pam there’s never been love? Because these two love each other. At least in the show. Now their feelings have tuned down and has changed into something brotherly and without any sexual undertones, but I like to think their first years together were pure passion. And I’d like to see that passion revived in the show, even if only for a few hours… I’m still an E/S shipper but I’m curious about E/P dynamics  *runs to hide somewhere*

Yes there was love, as Pam told Sookie in the books, but they weren’t IN love. There’s a difference. Between Pam and Eric there’s always love, then what kind of love it’s another thing i guess.

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