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This is for all of those people who don’t believe me that Eric and Pam were ever romantically involved. Here’s the proof. They had sex guys. Not that crazy to imagine. Have you seen them? Who wouldn’t have sex with them?

i thought the proof was in the books…where pam said they had sex all the time when she was first turned

Yeah it was in the books but it wasn’t romantic just sex and instincts. It wasn’t love Pam said to Sookie. 

In Season 2 DVD they also said Pam had a child while in Season 3 Eric told her it was time for her to be a maker instead. wtf?!

Okay. I’m the only one who doesn’t believe that between Eric and Pam there’s never been love? Because these two love each other. At least in the show. Now their feelings have tuned down and has changed into something brotherly and without any sexual undertones, but I like to think their first years together were pure passion. And I’d like to see that passion revived in the show, even if only for a few hours… I’m still an E/S shipper but I’m curious about E/P dynamics  *runs to hide somewhere*

Yes there was love, as Pam told Sookie in the books, but they weren’t IN love. There’s a difference. Between Pam and Eric there’s always love, then what kind of love it’s another thing i guess.

The thing is, I think CH made it too simple. I mean, it’s so easy and reassuring for Sookie to know that Eric and Pam have never been “in love”. That means that, potentially, Eric has never been in love with anyone until Sookie (if he has never been in love with his own child!). Well I guess that for a 1000 y o vampire this is too much of a stretch. Besides, this basically removes any kind of tension between Sookie and Pam. So yeah, it was a smart move on CH’s part to facilitate E/S relationship but honestly I think it’s a little contrived. I know a lot of bookies are annoyed by the fact that Pam acted out of jealousy in the last episodes, and, while I agree that Pam was treated horrendously by the writers this season, this thing in particular doesn’t bother me. It’s only natural, and human, that she may feel threatened by Sookie, and think that Sookie is putting her relationship with Eric in jeopardy. JMO, of course :))

i don’t think it was too simple i think it was right for the story. i never thought that Eric never fell in love or cared too much for someone. Eric saying “i dont like have feeling” means he knew what feeling are because he felt them and he doesn’t want to feel in this way anymore because it probably hurts or those feelings can make him weak idk. In Dead Reckoning Pam told Sookie “It’s been a long time since he has someone like you”, and Pam knows he is in love with Sookie, so i took that line like he was in love in the past or he loved someone before Sookie.

I think Pam is scared to be alone, like a child who doesn’t want to lose her fahter. That is the kind of love they share. Pam and Eric’s love is very deep and they will come around when Pam will realize how Eric is hurt by the Sookie’s rejection (like in the books btw, because we never saw how Pam acted with him).

I wouldn’t have a problem with them having sex in the past, i mean we know they had, it’s part of their relationship, and there was a lot of blood probably and i don’t get why people are bothered by this. I mean do you think in the books they were different? I don’t think so but keep in mind it was another age, when vampires were in the dark and not part of the society like they are now.

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