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True Blood Season 5 Casting News Meet Kibwe 


Deadline.com reported that Peter Mensah has been cast as Kibwe- “chancellor for The Authority”. EXCLUSIVE: Peter Mensah will join True Blood in a recurring role as Kibwe, Chancellor for the Authority. Originally from Africa, Kibwe works toward mainstreaming under Roman’s tenure. Mensah has appeared in films including Zack Snyder’s 300, Antoine Fuqua’s Tears Of The Sun, Touchstone Pictures’ Hidalgo and James Cameron’s Avatar. His television credits include Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Witchblade, The Pretender and Star Trek: Enterprise. SOURCE:

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    Reblogging this news to say i am watching Spartacus and GOSH, HIS BODY IS PURE STEEL. And this is not a compliment. I am...
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    This is Doctore from Spartucas!
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    I like this! He’s that guy you see in a lot of stuff but you never know his name!
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    I fucking love this guy!!! He fucking kicked ASS in Spartacus!
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