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This is another parallel that makes you wonder about who Warlow really is. The first one is from Bill waking up in Fairy - or at least one of the portals leading there - and the other is what Claude says about Sookie connecting to Warlow. What is AB trying to tell us? Is the reason for these two events related? Or is it even the same vampire involved in both cases? 

At this point I dont even care who it is anymore as long as its not Godric.

I think it is related, and I think we had another clue this last episode. Gran directed Sookie to the box under the bed when she was trying to find out who murdered her parents. After seeing the article and seeking out Bud for answers, she finds out he doesn’t really know anything about the murderer, only that it was a vampire (something we’ve already been told), but he does mention how hard it must be for Sookie knowing her Grandmother and possibly her parents, too, were killed by those creatures she’s so friendly with. Sookie corrects him by mentioning Rene was the one who killed her grandmother, but what if her Gran was trying to tell her that the one who killed her was a vampire and it was the same vampire who murdered her parents?

We also had the shot of the vampire jumping onto the hood of her parents’ car, as we saw Bill jump onto the hood of that taxi in NOLA.

Just saying… they could all be coincidental, but those are an awful lot of coincidences!

i was thinking about that too tbh. 

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    I made more connections than “him simply jumping on a car”, btw. I pointed out the part about Gran, which shouldn’t be...
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    Here’s a thought. If we assume that Warlow is indeed appearing to Sookie in her bathroom then we who want the Bill to be...
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    I don’t think it’s Godric… because 1. Godric wouldn’t speak english at a moment like that when Sookie’s parents were...
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    One strange detail here too. Bill was able the breach faery realm after drinking Sookie’s blood (often) but after...
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    But Sookie saw Rene killing Gran when she read his thoughts, you can’t dispute that. Also, I don’t think that just...
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    I still don’t think a vampire (some people think Bill) killed Gran. I think Bud spouting this was a way to show us his...
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    i was thinking about that too tbh.
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    At this point I dont even care who it is anymore as long as its not Godric.
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