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Monica, italian.
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 sassenach(s) lurking

There are obviously two different versions of True Blood distributed all around the world. Team Billith watched the wrong one.

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  2. fabulousvikinglovers said: Bill loves Sookie so much. Calling her an ABOMINATION was his way to show his love for his soulmate. :)
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    not hating on Eric too because i like him! :) but that was 1 year later not in the same day! but dont get me wrong! not...
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    I must disagree! Remember when Sookie was gone for a year and Bill was busy playing King and then he did have sex with...
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    Normally I side with Eric and conclude that these alleged confessions are “unworthy of my attentions,” but this time I...
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    That’s why Eric said fuck sookie when the authority snatched them up in season 5 and also in deadlocked didn’t do shit...
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    -sighs and shakes head in exasperation-
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    She probably never got past season 1, and never payed attention to season 1 either. *shakes head*
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    The brilliant bold.
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    Yep. And they are not even confessions. They are someone’s bewildered incomprehension written over random screen caps....
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    I’m laughing so hard. Is this some kind of joke? People who think this way are just as blind Billusional.
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  24. lolsanrolls said: I think that’s a big part of it for both of them because of her irresistible fairy blood. Eric did fall in love with her when he lost his memories, so he can’t have lost that completely. They are also tied to her because of her drinking their blood.