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 sassenach(s) lurking


….is it just me or is Ms.Stackhouse way more likable when she’s loving on Mr.Northman? (As opposed to acting like he’s dog poo on her ballerina flat, bitching at him and dumping him.) I want to see these two as a team in S6. I want Sookie to want the bad ass, condescending, cuttingly funny, full on viking vampire. And I want to see flirting and humor and sparks flying like there’s a dozen Letterman grinder girls in the room.

Actually, it wouldn’t hurt for her have to chase him for a change and maybe even be a bit jealous of his sister with benefits. Because it’s very hard to identify with a character that looks past Eric Northman and thinks she sees something better. Writing Sooks as eternally stuck on the pompous little sneak, when the tall blond loves her…well. That shit stretches credulity further than Cirque du Soleil fairies and rib sauce slathered godlings.

Just sayin.


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    Someone please suggest this idea to the writers of True Blood. pls.
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