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peachiex replied to your post: I’ve a feeling that it’s Jessica who is going to die. And I’m SO not ok with that. :’( Do you think it’s possible?

She has a free range story line though, she’s not tethered to any expectations from the books. I’m hoping that’s enough to save her.

I hope so. I think the one dying tonight is Luna. With the introduction of Marcus’s mom who wanted to take care of Emma i have a bad feeling about her. 

I can totally see that, and Luna can kind of be rather impulsive which really isn’t a good quality to have in a high tech vampire lair. I hope it’s not ‘just’ Luna who dies, I don’t want to see anyone die, of course, but I want True Blood to live up to the hype it’s putting out there. And if it’s someone they claim is going to be hard on the fans, then I think they need to deliver on that. Not Jessica, Pam, Tara (obviously the trio is safe, although I think if they wanted to shock the audience, taking out Bill would do that and I’d be impressed, since he’s stepped into irredeemable territory) Jason wont die, Lala hasn’t been around enough to get offed. Luna and Sam, it could be Sam…. which would be horrible. 

9 1/2 hours!!

Beside the obvious deaths like Salome and Russell an huge impact can come only from the death of one of the big characters like Jason, Sam, Pam, Bill, Eric and Sookie. Now, if TB was a brave show they would kill off Bill (like other tv shows had done, i.e: Boardwalk Empire with Jimmy, GOT with Ned…), maybe even in an attempt to redeem himself, which i think will happen at some point (both the redemption and his death). At this point, we are so used to TB not killing any important characters that whoever dies it’ll be big. lol.


If I am to die, at least I shall die among brothers.

Look at the awesomeness of his hair. Seriously look. L’Oréal, this is your man! and i want to f*** him hard

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Nothing in this world is impossible, when heart and mind are put towards it. We are all Gods this night. And the Romans shall feel our wrath.

i’m sorry but look at all the fucks Gannicus gives. He’s just there…laughing, with that beautiful smile and perfect hair. Don’t die please. Just don’t. And Crixus as well.

I can’t handle the awesomeness of this show!

Thanks Sons of Anarchy Italia :)

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Nelsan Ellis..


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“What a bitch.”

Goodbye, Nan “True Death for errrr’one” Flanagan.

I loved this… 

"Everything ends. Even the Immortals": hailtheviking: missford1 said: it’s pretty much a holloween song XD a...




missford1 said: it’s pretty much a holloween song XD a lil too creepy for me. Im a affraid the big death they are teasing about is going to happen right in the end, followed by this song…

I love it :D  One thing TB does well is to choose their music and this is perfect imo.  I think someone will be turned in the finale.  Lafayette or Tara 

what about Hoyt? In the promo someone has blood dripping from his arm, what if he wants to kill himself (like his father did if im not wrong) after what Jason told him about him and Jess and then she’s gonna turn him? o_O Crazy, but it will interesting lol I just wish someone will kill Tara but im afraid it will never happen :(

That could be, Hoyt might be turned.  But I hope they won’t, I’m afraid he would be some kind of a Bubba type like in SSN.  There’s only one Bubba for me ;)

wait im lost, what song?

This one for the finale, when someone will meet his or her maker, as music supervisor of TB said: The Heavy Cover Blood Sweat & Tears 

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Nwalmn: Random thoughts about 4x12 episode (True Blood)


Yeah, i am already guessing what hell is going on next episode. The finale.

So, me and Flávia are wondering…close to the end of the episode, happens all this eyefucking thing:

So, is like “I finally realize i love you Eric, can we talk please?” and he is like “Queen Beel is…

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Preview the True Blood Season Finale Title Song    

The True Blood season finale is just around the corner, and KCRW has our first listen of the episodes title song. Truebies know that each episode is named for a song that is used in the episode. The season 4 finale is titled “And When I Die”. Writer Raelle Tucker had the Blood Sweat & Tears version in mind when she titled the episode, but True Blood music supervisor (and KCRW DJ) Gary Calamar suggested recording a new version. “Go for it,” said Raelle and executive producer Alan Ball.  

The new version was recorded by The Heavy and will be used during a big moment in the series. “It appears that one of our favorite Bon Temps characters is about to meet his (or her) maker,” write Gary on his music blog.


SO I`m guessing someone is going to be turned….

Tara…can you imagine a “new Bill Compton” with tits who’s looking for her humanity again?? I will kill myself.

Lafayette…..please let Eric be his maker….or Pam….. xD

Edited: Or Hoyt will be Jessica’s child!