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What a huge difference how Eric and Bill feel about a family…

I am surrounded by morons.

Comparison of Eric in S4 vs S5

I want them back together so fucking hard.




True Blood | 5.10 | Gone, Gone, Gone.

This was, for me, the best part of the entire episode. This little moment.

Godric looking at Eric when he says “I’ve evolved” was great. Eric is essentially acknowledging that he has evolved, maybe not exactly like Godric, but certainly far above The Authority and the Sanguinistas.  He told Bill “you’re more of a mainstreamer than I’ll ever be”…I would question that statement. 

It’s time for Eric to finally acknowledge that he is… “better than that”, as he said to Sookie last season. Come on Eric, you are more of a mainstreamer than Bill will ever be.

These words had such a great impact on Eric. I can’t wait to see what our man is up to and how he’s going to “evolve” (something he’s already doing)

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"Are you Death?"


Eric: Are you Death?
Godric: I am.
Eric: But you’re just a little boy.
Godric: I am not.
Eric: My men…
Godric: Dead.
Eric: You swine.
Godric: I watched you on the battlefield last night. I never saw anyone fight like you.
Eric: I would fight you now if I could.
Godric: I know. It’s beautiful.
Eric: What are you waiting for? Kill me.
Godric: Could you be a companion of Death? Could you walk with me through the world? Through the dark? I’ll teach you all I know. I’ll be your father, your brother, your child.
Eric: What’s in it for me?
Godric: What you love most - Life.
Eric: Life…

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It’s not Salome who’s sick.

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Sanguinistas, Foreshadowing, and how Godric ties into it all.


After some incredible over analysis of the show and Godric’s character. I started to think I pieced some things together. A little bit more background into Godric and the type of vampire he was before he committed suicide in Season 2. None of what I am saying is nothing more than speculation and over analysis. But, it’s fun. And I’m having major Godric withdrawals, so, give me a break.

 The more we learn about the Sanguinista movement the more I think we see where Godric came from. I think Godric was also involved in the movement. Against mainstreaming, Godric believed that humans were there for food, that Vampires were above humans. “Eric the blood is sacred.” I think that’s why Godric called himself Death. That’s why Godric taught Eric “There is no right or wrong, only survival or death.”

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Oh Godric, you just had to make two smokin hot children, didn’t you? 
 So the big discussion around the fandom is ‘ZOMG! Eric and Nora are siblings and they fucked!’ Here is why not only I think this is ridiculous. But, I also think it’s a little hypocritical.

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AMEN!! And there’s only one character who actually f**d a relative (a human one): Bill. LOL


Here is a nice pic of Godric and Eric that we have never seen before from Season 2!

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