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getting on a plane to Italy in a few hrs. for film Fest there w/ Alex and Valentina!

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i am so ready!!!!


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Spoiler: True Blood 5.08 “Somebody That I Used to Know”


Spoilers: According to Highlight Hollywood there will be a round of shockers for us in tomorrow nights episode “Somebody that I used to Know” directed by Stephen Moyer.  If you don’t want to know what happens then do not pass go and do not click “read more”. 

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Here is the scan! HQ

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Thanks for the HD hon! :)

I love how there’s this moment right after Eric calls Pam a whore, where Pam decides ‘not anymore. fuck this’. You can see it in her eyes. She makes the conscious decision to end her life. She is taking matters into her own hands. Eric showed her that the life she has craved for is a very real possibility but he doesn’t want to make the commitment. After he denies her the ability to be a vampire, Pam faces the fact that her human life will only end in one place - the gutter. It is obvious that she has worried about this for some time. Her death will be painful and slow and ugly. She will live out the rest of her time in sorrow and loneliness. Boring, mundane, human life is a nightmare to her. So, in this instant, she decides to nip it in the bud before it can get any worse. Eric has given her a glimpse of eternal youth by revealing to her what he is. If he won’t turn her then she would rather die than live another day of her withering human existence. If he does turn her, then he will have gifted her with more than she can ever repay and she will walk the world by his side from now to their true deaths. Pam is not forcing him to chose her as his progeny. She is merely choosing death - no matter which outcome. Either she dies and stays that way or she dies and is reborn. She made a choice and he made a choice.

Why Pam is becoming one of my favorite female characters, ever.


This last weeks episode was filled with all kinds of awesome moments. Including rabid!Tara, bromance Eric and Bill and the first meeting of Pam and Eric. My favorite scene though, was so subtle and only lasted for a brief moment. Yet, I feel the need to bring it up, and maybe stan Pam a bit because of this.
  When the flashback starts we see Pam walking back from the brothel after seeing her friend/employee slaughtered. She curses ‘them’ for doing this again. Personally, I think she could just be mentioning that in 1905 it was not uncommon for prostitutes to be murdered, savagely, especially in the Ripper days. There are some people who wonder if it could be Bill and Lorena doing this to prostitutes.. but for the purpose of what I’m writing this is merely a side note.

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^This! She’s such a great character, definitely my favorite! 

Who’s to say she isn’t going to rise tomorrow completely fucktarded?! —

Pamela Swynford De Beaufort (via vikingandqueen)

that Pam! :)








Well now I understand why Sookie zaps Pam…

how to destroy something that was awesome in the books.

Oh for heaven’s sake! Is there anything wrong with a little bit of process? Sookie and Pam aren’t friend on THIS day, but does that mean that they never will be? I don’t think so. Pam is a beloved character that they are going to build more sympathy and story for next season, and Sookie is the center of the show. Pam and Eric are people Eric loves most. So they have a fight! It doesn’t mean they’ll never reconcile.



And honestly, the much touted “friendship” of Sookie and Pam in the books is basically a two-way occasional alliance when shit gets tough. Which they do on the show, anyway, when they are forced to confront the same enemy. They aren’t really friends in the books. They don’t really confide in each other. Oh, and they went dancing once, apparently, in some side-show of an extra story that wasn’t really part of the series? That was kind of creepy. But what they really are in the books are basically a tangenial satellites revolving around Eric. Pam accepts Sookie, Sookie accepts Pam. They don’t hate each other. They appreciate each other’s strengths. They appreciate each other’s roles in Eric’s life. It’s like having a sister-in-law that generally likes you, and you can hangout together at a family outing. But it’s not like they rely on each other emotionally, share thoughts and ideas, or crave each other’s company.

And on the show? They’ll get there eventually. Because they will have two things in common instead of one: Eric and Tara. 

I never truly got why Sookie called Pam “her best vampire friend” (or something) in the books. According to what I’ve read in the novels, they didn’t have many chances to bond. It’s like the crucial steps of their friendship always happened off-page. That being said, I hate this rivalry between Sookie and Pam in the show. It’s getting really old. I mean, it’s four seasons that Pam rolls eyes in Sookie’s direction and Sookie acts annoyingly around her. It’s always the same stuff. Now they actually try to hurt each other. I mean, ok, we got it, they don’t like each other, that doesn’t mean they always have to act like bitches when they are in the same scene. That’s why the idea of Pam being Tara’s maker doesn’t make me scream in horror at all. I hope that, if anything, Tara will be a reason for Sookie and Pam to actually start tolerating and even liking each other. I look forward to it.

On another note, Sookie’s sailor moon power never ceases to make me lol a little.


Sometimes i wonder and agree with CH in one thing: the readers get some ideas from nowhere (not all ideas but you get it).

you don’y have to agree with me hon, that’s how i feel. show a little respect for that at least.









                   5 Season 

He looks good, I would have no protests if Bill dressed like that all of the time, none whatsoever.

I just love everything about this photo.

I am also perfectly okay with this outfit. Proceed, sir.


Bill is a douche, so I don’t care how good he looks, I know that is a cravat of sheer evil and those are pinstripes of doom… but you bring up an EXCELLENT point. Didn’t ERIC live through Victorian times too? WHERE ARE THE PERIOD COSTUMES. Personally, I want Regency Camel Toe Eric.

Yeah, I went there. That happened.

Not a Bill fan but he looks fab in this. Personally would like to see Eric in tight breeches a la The Highwayman! 

At least this outfit justifies 4 seasons of awful hairstyles. Poor SMoyer.

The fact he has a “gangsta” outfit dated 1925/late30’s with a foulard around his neck typical of 1890 makes me want to punch a child. Dear TB producers or whoever, couldn’t you at least watch an episode of Boardwalk Empire? *shaking head*

Have you seen Bill’s clothing choices over the years? The man alternately dresses like a douche or a dork. He managed to look like a dork even all punk-rocked out. No reason he wouldn’t be dressing like a knob in the 30’s.

Also, this could be clothing from the 1905 flashback we’re getting, in which case this outfit is a bit more on point for the fashions of the time (the ascot is still a little fussy, but, well, it is Bill).

KBVS twittered that she was also filming ‘a pretty cool scene’ the day this picture was taken, which also makes me think this is for the 1905 prostitute-killing flashback (Pam was turned around that time, and there have been references that she was a prostitute/madam). What I speculate we’ll be seeing is Bill and Lorena feeding on poor Dorothy (who was one of Pam’s girls) as they are wont to do, Eric stopping them (maybe just cause he doesn’t like them), and this is how Eric and Pam meet, and also the cause for Bill and Pam’s Mutual Unappreciation Society.

I admit i thought about the flashback of Pam’s creation too and i still don’t know if the scenario of Bill killing someone (which is good from my pov) worths his presence on Pam’s creation. What i’m trying to say is that i’m tired to see him in all the important scene and idgaf if they’ll make him act like a douche or a killer again. Can we have one important scene without his fucking face all over it? Thank you TB! Sorry but i’m a little bitchy today…i’ll probably end up liking the scenario (if that’s the case)

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Right, why cry over those boring, mediocre human events, like Gran’s death, or betrayal of trust, or sheer physical pain, when — God forbid! — your makeup will get smeared! Right, Pam. You never cry. Except when you encountered…

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