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True Blood: “Waiting Sucks” Jason

I see you there Mr Northman….. ;)

True Blood S6: “There are more deaths”

Alicia R.: We haven’t heard a peep aboutTrue Blood from my bb Ryan Kwanten. What’s he doing?

He’s probably doing sit-ups somewhere. God bless him. But for real, we did just chat with him about the new season of True Blood, and he delivered some harrowing news. "There are more deaths," he tells us. "Some favorite characters may not last." We did not like that piece of scoop (don’t you dare touch Lafayette, TB writers!), but we did like it when Kwanten said that the show was getting back to the supernatural elements and madness that it’s famous for.


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Jason Stackhouse. Looks like he goes all Rambo in the finale..my caps

baby you’ll be the true hero i know it. i can feel it! :)

Jason Stackhouse Live or Let Die


He’s a sitting duck…

The final two episodes of True Blood are upon us, and the vampire war is about to reach a fever pitch in which no one is safe.

Any chance you can calm fans’ fears that you’re going to die in Sunday’s episode? Jason lying in a grave alongside Jessica doesn’t seem to bode well. Is it a mislead?

what if I made him a vampire….

Ryan Kwanten: There’s actually not that much of a mislead there. The stakes are as high as it gets. I mean, the guy is not just fighting for his life, it looks like he’s dead and he’s surrounded by vampires, so his chance of survival does not look good. He’s just a mere mortal after all, or a mere Stackhouse, I should say.

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"He’s just a mere mortal after all, or a mere Stackhouse, I should say." - this makes me believe the possible turning won’t work because if he’s really a Stackhouse it means he has fairy blood…and we know fairies can’t be turned. Just a thought. Or fairies will save him who knows.

Spoiler: True Blood 5.08 “Somebody That I Used to Know”


Spoilers: According to Highlight Hollywood there will be a round of shockers for us in tomorrow nights episode “Somebody that I used to Know” directed by Stephen Moyer.  If you don’t want to know what happens then do not pass go and do not click “read more”. 

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New image of Jason Stackhouse ep #52 

(source HBO. My Edit)

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Ryan Kwanten at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner After Party.


hi baby.


Coming sooner than you think….

promotion for final artwork for the official NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN movie poster


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