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True Blood Season 7 - New Promo - Farewell Show

HBO’s first overview of ‪‎True Blood‬ Season 7


"The fate of Bon Temps hangs in the balance as Sookie, Bill, Eric and their friends face new threats and shocking realities"

source: HBO

Stephen Moyer on True Blood’s ‘Sad’ Series Finale and Possible Happy Ending for Bill and Sookie

Moyer — who stars alongside Carrie Underwood in this Thursday’s three-hour event The Sound of Music Live (8/7c, NBC) — admits he remains mostly in the dark about what showrunner Brian Buckner has in store for the vampire hit’s final stretch. But in the following mini-Q&A, he shares what little he does know about the 10-episode farewell. He also opens up about the “sad” goodbye that awaits him and the one ill-fated True Blood pairing he’s still mourning.

TVLINE | When I spoke to Brian at the end of Season 6, he mentioned that this final season would be a reset of sorts for Bill. He specifically said that he doesn’t want to see Bill be an a–hole anymore. Reaction?
I think that it’s really hard. The characters can’t [always] be who the audience — or the actor — wants them to be at all times. That would be dull. A bunch of people loved Bill and Sookie together, but a whole bunch of people didn’t. So you can’t just please this bunch or that bunch. As [series creator] Alan Ball once said, “I’m not interested in people being happy.” And I’ve always said, as soon as you see one of our couples get together, you know [they’re] f—ed. As soon as Hoyt and Jessica got together I was like “No! They’re going to f—ing kill this, I know they are!” Because [that relationship] was so beautiful… I loved playing [Bill]. I love him. Whether they’re were things that I feel were done well or badly or right or brilliantly, I love him.

TVLINE | Brian also said the final season will focus more on Bill-Sookie, specifically the Bill-Sookie-Alcide triangle.
I know nothing. I’m directing the first episode, as you probably know, and I haven’t seen [the script]. We shoot [The Sound of Music Live] on the fifth of December and I start prep on True Blood on the ninth.

TVLINE | Wow, no break for you.
No. [Laughs].

TVLINE | Personally, do you think Bill and Sookie are the endgame?
I don’t know whether they can be, given everything that’s happened between them. What Bill did was open up something inside her that she had never had before. He was the key to a new world for her. And maybe that’s all he was supposed to be — a window into that world. I don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer. I think a bunch of people would be happy if that was the story and a bunch of people would be pissed off if that was the story. I don’t read that s–t, so I don’t care, ultimately. All I want to do is do the show and have fun doing it.

TVLINE | What does Anna think?
She would have a completely different answer. She would probably say, “Sookie should go off and become a barwoman in New York.”

TVLINE | How are you feeling emotionally about this chapter of your life coming to an end?
Sad… You know what a crazy group of people it is. Around Episode 4 or 5 [of every season] we always start getting panicked about that season ending, because it’s a f—ing family. That word is bandied about a little bit too much, but it really does feel like [a family]. I’m going to be very excited about what’s to come [career-wise], but slightly bereft that it’s all going to be done.


Stephen Moyer On The Final Season Of ‘True Blood’

The sun is about to set on Bon Temps, and Stephen Moyer isn’t ready to say goodbye.

The actor, famous for playing good-gone-bad-gone-good-again Bill Compton, sat down with The Huffington Post to talk about his role on NBC’s “The Sound of Music,”but also opened up about the final season of “True Blood.” He’s directing the first episode, but insists he has no idea what’s in store. And though he’s been rooting for a Bill-Eric sex scene, here’s why we probably won’t get to see that anytime soon.

How do you feel going into the final season?
I don’t know anything and I’m directing the first episode. I haven’t gotten a script yet and we start shooting in January. I’m really excited, really sad. It’s just a group of people that I absolutely love and it’s certainly the happiest and warmest set I’ve ever been on, so that’s going to be hard to walk away from.

Did you always know that Bill was going to be a good guy in the end?
No, but I thought it was great for the show. I’m a really strong believer in doing what’s best for the show and if that means being a sh-t then that’s fine.

What do you think about the possibility of a Sookie-Bill reconciliation?
I don’t know whether it’s possible given everything that’s happened. The first mistakes he made at the beginning of the relationship were definitely mistakes that were trying to protect her. It’s not anything he was doing that was necessarily bad. He was sent there, but he kept that from her purely because he didn’t want to hurt her and he didn’t know he was going to fall in love with this girl. I think that he will always be and always was a key for Sookie to unlocking her womanhood and who she became and who she is and who she was. She won’t forget that part of him. Whether there’s any possibility of anything else, I don’t know.

What about Eric? Do you think we’ll see him in the next season?
I don’t know. If I told you that I don’t know you probably wouldn’t believe me, but I don’t.

Do you have your own twisted fantasy about what you hope to happen?
Alex (Skarsgard) and I have been pushing for an Eric-Bill love scene for a long time, but they always said no. But our dream would be for my football team, West Ham United, to play his Swedish team, and would end up in some match-up that Bill and Eric happen to be able to get to.

That would be pretty great, but I don’t think Sookie would be to happy about that.
I’m sure Sookie would find a way to be part of the action. She usually does.


FYI, Not even Stephen Moyer will attend Comic Con (even if they announced his presence) because he’s busy with an upcoming project.

True Blood Season 5 Premiere (May 30, 2012)



Filming on location, Stephen Moyer who plays Bill Compton, seen getting shot on the set of ‘True Blood’ by members of a Louisiana police swat team. Los Angeles, California. April 15, 2013.

This is a rehearsal. Steve is dressed like himself, cause i really doubt Bill/Billith is going around in a blue t-shirt and dark jeans lol and messy hair (not ready for the set ykwim?). Steve is also doing a sort of “Billith scream” in one of the pictures. They can add nighttime in post production, it wouldn’t be the first time, Alex said it many times they film in daylight and edit the scene in post-production. I just felt the need to comment because all i’ve been reading today in the web was "OMG Bill is finally back and he can even walk in the sun"…which is actually hilarious. lol.

Someone’s been good this year…

^This. So much this.

This is so stupid LOL Bill is clearly not Spike bwahahahaha!!

I am surrounded by morons.

Were you too busy braiding your hair to pay attention to Season 5?

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But then the TB fandom would consist in merely 20 people. You can’t get rid of Team Eric, we are like almost the whole audience baby. Deal with it.