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Of all the stupid shit on this show, Bill’s 12 Years A Vampire flashbacks are the stupidest. 

OF COURSE Bill had to get infected. It’s not like Sookie was going to move her ass to find a cure for Eric. We’re talking about her true love here. Serious stuff you know.

That clip with Bill trying to be all charming by bringing Sookie some flowers for a party she didn’t even know she was hosting….

Eric Northman Scenes Episode 7.04

eric & sookie | TRUE BLOOD | Death is Not the End
"I’m h i s." / "She’s m i n e."

A very touching goodbye. So sad to see so much potential wasted because of incompetent writers.

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…you wrote a book in which you claim not to be an asshole. Is this true, Bill? —Eric (via hsm7)

True Blood: physically eliminating suitors or making them sick so that Sookie can finally go back with Bill.

True Blood 7 “Spoilers”: Alcide Killed Off?

Joe Manganiello is one sexy beast. But not for long…

In a recent interview, the actor behind the wolf pack teased Alcide Hervaux’s pending death on the final season of True Blood.

Is Alcide Really Being Killed Off?

So is Joe just teasing us, or is Alcide the unsafe one, this time around?

“In the books they have Alcide Hervaux still alive, but the books and the show have not always been the same, and this season will prove that point on multiple occasions with one of the big things being Alcide being killed,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “The show is going to be pretty crazy this season and there [are] going to be several significant deaths happening.”

Even more deaths, after Tara? and Alcide?! Put a stake in us.

Even more shocking? Bon Temps hasn’t caught wind of Joe’s departure yet — if Alcide is indeed dead, the news will be just as big of a surprise to Joe’s cast mates, as it was to us.

“They have filmed stuff with Joe afterwards and have done multiple endings to that death scene,” the insider adds. “So many people in the cast and crew think he is still alive.”


"What about….Violet?"

↳ Eric & Jason | 6.09 - 7.02

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