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Monica, italian.
Alexander Skarsgård ruined my life and nothing hurts.
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 sassenach(s) lurking

”You think I’m weak….
You want the Eric who doesn’t feel.”


Eric Northman Promo: Season 2/Season 4


↳ Eric & Jason | 6.09 - 7.02

"When you dream of me, dream of nice things"






One step forward, two steps back with this finale season. Oy.

Eric Northman in True Blood Season 7: In the Weeks Ahead (Comic Con) [x]

The things that came out of Buckner’s mouth at the True Blood Panel..


Of all the stupid shit on this show, Bill’s 12 Years A Vampire flashbacks are the stupidest. 

OF COURSE Bill had to get infected. It’s not like Sookie was going to move her ass to find a cure for Eric. We’re talking about her true love here. Serious stuff you know.

That clip with Bill trying to be all charming by bringing Sookie some flowers for a party she didn’t even know she was hosting….