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Alexander Skarsgård ruined my life and nothing hurts.
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A friend who bleeds is better: luvtheviking: SNIP for brevitywow, what happened to my quote? lol....


SNIP for brevity

wow, what happened to my quote? lol. 101 notes and all the discussion here? And i was sleeping for 8 hours only! Btw, just wanted to say some pretty good points you made and some i thought about too but still i can’t tell what AB might mean with this (he…

i like the way you think @Hime :) That would be a real game changer and i like it. It would be interesting to watch.


42 Days, 10 Hours, 30 Minutes!



RVH series


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I know he is not Eric but this is exactly how i pictured Book Eric (according to CH’s description of him). It’s him.



Artwork by Kitt Rose

Thanks for the tags! ^^  Actually it’s not Eric, but another vampire, a scary one, named Raistan Van Hoeck, the character of a novel written by a friend of mine. I picture Book Eric very similar to TB Eric, to be honest, but with longer hair! ;)


Team Eric Northman will be available until the 17th of september only ! 

Jason’s face..lol

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This might only be hilarious to me idk

No this is awesome :D  My favorite vamps of all time

now my life is sorta complete

Chele Belle's Lair: Gateway to the Lepidopteran id: A few thoughts on season 4 of True Blood


Okay. Here it goes. I have not read the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. I do not care how far from the original source the show strays from. That said after re-watching this past Sunday’s episode I am convinced Alan Ball & Co. is playing a very dangerous game with the integrity…

Living Dead in Dallas quote


“I am here.” Eric said.

“And I am here.” I was a little amused at Eric’s phone answering techniques.

“Sookie, my little bullet-sucker,” he said, sounding fond and warm.

“Eric, my big bullshitter.”

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris. p. 242

Eric, Sookie and Bill | 4x09 

for the anon who asked for this gif ;)



*I look really bad/dumb next to him, but WHATEVER, IT’S ALEXANDER SKARSGARD.

My aunt (who is very into True Blood) told me that he would be filming in NY and that it was my goal to meet him for autographs (which I did get!) and photos. I dragged my sister to where he was filming, and started scoping out the location. I didn’t see any action, so we continued walking around… and lo and behold, WHO DO I SEE? ALEXANDER SKARSGARD. By the time we walked over, he went into his trailer, but I was determined to get a photo/anything from him. My sister and I waited, and he came out twenty minutes later and did the whole autograph/picture thing. I was getting all flustered, and DID NOT PUT MY ARM AROUND HIM, UGH, BIGGEST REGRET IN LIFE. But, he touched me so, that will have to do.

My sister isn’t into True Blood, and nonchalantly said, “He’s not THAT tall,” aloud. And then Skarsgard said, “Did she say I’m not that tall? Yeah, I’m not that tall,” and chuckled.

Although he didn’t say much, he’s very sweet towards his fans and was willing to get pictures with everyone that was there. :)