"Mo Nighean Donn"

Monica, italian.
Alexander Skarsgård ruined my life and nothing hurts.
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aaawww thank you so so much!!! Means a lot to me!! I love you all my precious followers/friends! :)

amouretautresdemons: "Italy in the final!!! How happy are you right now?"

YOU CAN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND!!! OHMYYYYYGOOOOOODDDDD!!!! Perfect, we were simply perfect! SUPER MARIOOOOOOOO!!! Now lets kick out Spain! ;) Andiamo Italia!!! Forza Azzurri!

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amouretautresdemons: "Maybe I'm being selective but what I got out of that interview is that a) Salome has issues with needing affection and b) she thinks Bill is much easier to manipulate than Eric and that makes him more attractive to her. She doesn't trust Eric because he plays the game too well. Basically, what I get out of this is that Bill is the weak link in her eyes. What do you think?"

I took it in that way too :) She needs a weak character to manipulate and Bill is the perfect candidate while Eric is way too smart for her tricks and he’s able to play his own game too which i think it’s what Salome really fears :)

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