"It Ain't Easy Being King"


YouTube Fangirl Comment of the Day: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Shit Alan Ball Says 39 

  • AB: This isn't my best writing...
  • AB: Here, Lafayette can say something hilarious.
  • AB: Episode saved!

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Shit Alan Ball Says 20 

  • AB: On my show, ghosts can kill each other.
  • AB: Suck on that, Vampire Diaries.

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Shit Alan Ball Says 33: Season 4 Flashback 

  • AB: Guys, we're going to start off the next season with fairies!
  • Fans: Yay!
  • AB: And I cast Claude as someone super attractive!
  • Fans: YAY!
  • AB: Look! Sookie's grandpa! He's important in the books!
  • Fans: WOO!
  • AB: So the fairies are evil now.
  • Fans: What.
  • AB: They look like gremlins.
  • Fans: What?
  • AB: They become totally irrelevant after five minutes.
  • Fans: ...
  • AB: And I'm killing off Grandpa.
  • Fans: .....
  • AB: And I'm totally recasting Claude with someone less pretty.
  • Fans: God dammit.

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Shit Alan Ball Says 34  

  • AB: Hmm...people like Bill now that he isn't obsessed with Sookie.
  • AB: Interesting...
  • AB: So, they'll like him even more if I make him evil.
  • AB: And not sexy evil.
  • AB: Like, a totally zealous douchebag.
  • AB: Yeah.
  • AB: That's hot.

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Ryan Hurst… one sexy outlaw


Ryan Hurst… one sexy outlaw

(Source: miss-beehaven)

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Eric Johnson
My wife’s borderline unhealthy obsession for Alexander Skarsgard is amusing at best but when my daughter sees his picture and says “daddy”..

Thanks to sydneygirl_1988 for posting it.




Alexander Skarsgard as a German Geek lol

LMFAO I still love him!

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