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Monica, italian.
Alexander Skarsgård ruined my life and nothing hurts.
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 sassenach(s) lurking

We are slaves, the burden of choice and conscience equally removed. We are truly free when we fight.

Spartacus: War Of The Damned - 3.05 Blood Brothers
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Spartacus Meme: 2/9 quotes

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There is only one way to become champion. Never fucking lose.


Gannicus & Sibyl ❥ 3.10 Victory, requested by truegodofthearena

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To stand upon the sands again… to know a clear  purpose of who you are and what must be done…That is a thing that calls to all of my kind.

it’s too soon guys…i just can’t *sobs*


spartacus meme  one champion » gannicus


There is no life absent your touch


never fucking lose