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Monica, italian.
Alexander Skarsgård ruined my life and nothing hurts.
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 sassenach(s) lurking

I’m fine with your request Eric.

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“You can’t spend your life between a woman’s legs.”

“I can try.”

fucking goat girl

Lucky wench!

I love the fact that this gif is basically an endless thrust of hips.

oh dear god…..

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Happy new year to all my followers and friends!  ♥

If your 2011 was good, I wish your 2012 will be even better. If your 2011 was shit, I wish 2012 will bring you the payoff for all you had to go through. I wish you, your family and the people you love health, money, fun, friends, a good job, love, sex, comfort, success, happiness, laughters, exciting experiences.

I wish for a 2012 of peace, the end of the financial crisis and better politicians and governments in our countries. (Wishful thinking, I know).

And to my fellow fangbangers, I wish 2012 will give us a fantastic Season 5 and the best Eric Northman of all times! Let there be Skarsgard!

… And if the world end within 11 months, well…

Cheers, Truebies!

The Full 20 sec Eric/Sookie Kiss




Looooong .gif!… Awesome. :)

This still gives me the shivers, no matter what *_*


True Blood Challenge | 09. Favorite Dream Scene
 2.10 New World in My View

… And this, also. These two minutes are one of the most mesmerizing scenes I’ve ever seen on tv.

Totally agree Him-e! :)




I just don’t know how it’s possible for someone to be so amazingly beautiful…*sigh*

OMG he’s so beautiful, and sweet… I wanna hug him *_*


i will always reblog this.

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Love this!

me too T_T


Her body here it’s amazing.

(i don’t need to say about him, it’s obvious he is always fucking perfect)

I love this dream… As Jaime and all the girls said on LoveTrueBlood, their dreams are very significant, every time i watch it again i see more and more meaning.

By the way, check my other blog with this amazing girls: LoveTrueBlood


oh, we all know thaaat :)


omg lolololol

Ok seriously, I want to know what people find so funny when they watch a black woman go through massive amounts of brutality.

wtf people.

what the fucking fuck is wrong with you.

don’t turn this into some stupid and childish racist shit. She could have been red and i still wanted DEAD. i don’t like that character. PERIOD.