"It Ain't Easy Being King"

“There is no greater victory than to fall from this world a free man.”

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Heath Andrew Ledger (4 April 1979 – 22 January 2008) - We will never forget

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Heath Ledger’s perfect smile appreciation post. 

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FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME |Dirty Dancing (1987), Emile Ardolino.

Nobody puts Baby in the corner.





In episode 8 (S4) Godric gives this comment during the cemetary scene…

Godric: “For every thread of hope that Eric and Sookie provide me”

le sigh.

Where is this from? Did they cut it from the episode or something? This speech is beautiful.

Jared was telling everyone about the labor and said when he first held Thomas he ripped off his shirt & held him skin to skin! 



Heath Andrew Ledger (4 April 1979 - 22 January 2008)

“I never had money, and I was very happy without it. When I die, my money’s not gonna come with me. My movies will live on - for people to judge what I was as a person. I just want to stay curious.”

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