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awww!! thank you so much!!! You made me smile :)

imnotfromsweden replied to your post: hi, do you know in which clips Alex said that the girl who kissed him (in TIFF) was pretty cute? i’ve been checking youtube but i cannot find it. thanks! ;)

I don’t think it wasn’t him who said that. I think someone here on tumblr mentioned that the girl looked pretty cute and also that Alex seemed to be blushing. :)

Yeah i think i read it here on tumblr too. Alex blushing is quite adorable! awww!

 imnotfromsweden said: I’ve just read that interview and I gotta say… it didn’t make me feel very optimistic about Eric and Sookie next season. :/

shhhh. I know me neither. but..shhhh.

I’m pretending that everything is fine.

It will be fine.



imnotfromsweden replied to your post: imnotfromsweden replied to your post: About Sam &…

Yeah… you maybe right about this. However, why would Luna think that turning into Sookie would help her escape from that place???

maybe to distract the attention from the real Sookie? Could be she turns into someone else also, i just thought that the Sookie’s doppelganger must have a reason! :)

imnotfromsweden replied to your post: About Sam & Luna at The Authority….

But Sam is not a skinwalker, only Luna. :))

oh yes you’re right. my mistake :) The two Sams got me confused! LOL But this makes me believe even more that the casting call for Sookie’s doppelganger is for this reason now…

imnotfromsweden replied to your post: I’m worried for tonight’s episode of True Blood….

I’m quite scared too. However, I don’t know if they will reveal the murderer tonight. Maybe the socking results has something to do with Sookie’s powers or something, because in episode 9, Gran will direct Sookie to a clue to her parents’ murderer.

omg ‘Ghost Gran’ again. NOOOOOOO! lulz!


So…i just had dinner while watching an original italian documentary on Stockholm. They talked about the history of Hammarby. They even mentioned 

I smiled the entire time. Oland. (where Eric has a farm he brought because he was in love with the girl who fed the goats who lived there and the left to Pam in S3)

This is what my life has become.

The bold… I didn’t know about that. 
And yeah I pretty much know how you feel. hahahaa :)

i’ve been told that there is a video/story somewhere, Season 3 related, and it’s mentioned that Eric was in love with the girl who fed the goats so he decided to bought her house (in this case the entire farm or isle) so he could own her (does this reminds you of something? lol). She went working for him and they were lovers and apparently in love but once Russell destroyed his family she had to find another place to work and left him. She ended up marrying someone else. 

Now i didn’t read or watch a video about it so idk if it’s true or not but so i’ve been told by someone who watched/read it :)

(Source: luvtheviking)

imnotfromsweden replied to your post: My dear followers, i won’t post much til Thursday…

Have fun, hon… and take lots and lots of pictures to post here on tumblr to make us all jealous. hahaha :))

I promise i’ll take like 1234567890 pics! :) And i’m not even kidding LOL

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ahahaha Ok. :)) I don’t know… I’m not really excited for this season tbh. The sheer amount of plot holes, the mess they made at the end of the last season among other things didn’t let me begging for more.

i’m not that excited either. I mean i’m excited for Eric because i adore him and love him and Alex is amazing and when i see him i just fangirl hard LOL But that’s it. I can’t bring myself to be excited for the whole season.

imnotfromsweden replied to your post:  

Why are you so mad? Is it about a spoiler? God, now I’m freaking out. *bites nails*

i’m not mad :) This is me being the usual real bitch commenting on few quotes i posted from Steve on Season 5 and Bill. ;) Nothing i didn’t know already though.

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