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I was just watching the episode review from some pretty neutral people on T-B.net. Actually the review for last week’s episode. And neither thought Bill was really caving, both thought he was just being crafty and strategic. Also neither of them made the connection that “somebody i used to know”…

Yeah, there is a bunch of people who’s thinking he’s got some kind of plan. If he has, he’s clearly not thinking about the consequences. Eric was his only ally, why not tell him about it?  It’s like Eric said, does he think he will be able to play Salome, Russell, Nora and the rest of the Authority members for long? Does he think he will be able to defeat all of them alone? Who’s gonna back him up? Molly, the techie girl, is in a bad place too right now, so count her out. 

To defeat Roman and take over the Authority, Salome, who’s an ancient vampire, needed Russell to back her up. Does Bill think Russell will back him up too? Doesn’t he see that Russell has his own agenda, that his faith is clearly not genuine? 

I don’t know, guys… am I missing something here? Am I underestimating Bill somehow? Is he Chuck Norris now? hahaha :)

It’s possible that he is up to something. It’s not the first time that he tries to be THE HERO and he’s destroyed by his own delusion of grandeur. I have no doubt that, whatever Bill’s plan might be, it’s going to fail. The spoilers and the synopses may be misleading but they talk about Bill’s religious fervor and Eric trying one last time to save his humanity. It’s possible that, what started as a plan - delirious, smug and silly if he decided to keep Eric out of the loop - might literally eat Bill alive, and turn him into a true fanatic. What knows what that blood is, and what it does to weak characters like him

What Hime said. Knowing AB  and his team of writers i wouldn’t be surprised at all and it wouldn’t be the first time. Of course whatever plan Bill has is going to fail but still….