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Sons of Anarchy | Season 5 Bloopers

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According to BR’s hint: Unbeknownst to Eric, Pam made a vampire just one year after she was made herself. She had taken a liking to a farmhand named Colin, but just days after turning him, she grew tired of him. She summarily released him, leaving the new baby vamp to fend for himself. Rumor has it he accidentally met the sun when he went to ground in a coffin that wasn’t actually light tight, but no one knows for sure. Pam wasn’t anywhere near the boy when she felt the vibe of his True Death.

Where did you hear this?

The information was given in the new Blu ray extras (S5E1 during the scene shown in the gif).

I tend to take this bluray extra info with a grain of salt, not because I don’t trust them, but because I have trouble considering canon anything that isn’t shown in the regular 12 episodes per season. It would have made sense for Pam to have a flashback of this Colin fail - along with the one about her own turning - , when she was struggling with her responsibilities towards Tara in season 5. Especially since Tara tried to kill herself in a tanning bed, which isn’t that different from how Colin supposedly died.

But fine, let’s take it as canon. I suppose Eric never knew about Pam’s first child. If he had known, I think he’d been mightily disappointed in Pam. After all, when in 3x09 he told her it was her time to be a maker, he talked as though he assumed Pam never had any progeny.

I don’t want to sound to bitchy but the Colin thing was introduced in the Season 2 (IIRC) Blu-Ray extras…then Season 3 happened and it sounded like Pam never had a child and Eric never knew about it….now in the Season 5 Blu-Ray extras they resumed the Colin situation. Now….this sounds to me like a “excuse us we actually forgot we told you about Colin in the extras so here an explication for you”. 

Which is fine don’t get me wrong, but they should have showed this in the actual show because not all viewers will buy the DVD/Blu-Ray so it can’t be considered canon when not everyone will have the opportunity to access to this info. ykwim? :)

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fangirl challenge : [5/10] six favorite quotes of … 
#5 - Eric Northman (True Blood)

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True Blood 5 - Alexander Skarsgard: “sangue italiano non mente” (‘Italian Blood Doesn’t Lie’ - a common saying in Italy)


Sangue italiano non mente [x]

Alexander Skarsgård | “Sangue Italiano non mente” (Italian blood doesn’t lie) [x]

True Blood 5 - Alexander Skarsgard: “sangue italiano non mente” 

He’s speaking italian!!asdfgh! Just in case i needed more Skargasms!! *seriously dead*


Eric Northman….

Oh Eric…LMAO!

“Hmm. She seems to be recovering nicely.”

I love you even more when you’re a sarcastic bitch, Eric.

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